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Green Goddess Smoothie

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Green Goddess Smoothie

karla rodas

This is the recipe for my Go­ To Green Goddess smoothie.

This will make about one huge or two smaller Green Goddess smoothies, guaranteed to get your day started off right. This healthy smoothie recipe is packed full of vitamins, protein, antioxidants and fiber.

For the best quality and benefits, use organic produce.

Basic Green Smoothie

1-2 big handfuls Swiss Chard

1-2 big handfuls Kale

½ a cup of Pineapple (previously cut up and frozen to avoid watering down the smoothie)

1 Banana

2-3 cups of Coconut Water (depending on the desired consistency)

½ to 1 scoop of Hemp Protein Powder

Ice (only if your fruit isn’t frozen)

Blend all ingredients, starting with ice or frozen pineapple, fruit, protein powder, ½ coconut water, greens on top. Then add the rest of greens and more coconut water if you need.

Other Variations:

Try to have about a 3:1 ratio with veggies and fruits. Other veggies and fruits you can mix up to make other fun smoothies.

Goji Berries



Apples (no seeds)

Fresh squeezed orange juice


Avocado (for creaminess)

Here are some helpful links to sites that I look to for recipes and information on healthy eating:


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