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Snail Mail

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Monday morning. Memorial Day and slept in after just reading about the habits of highly successful people, one of which is rising with the coocooroocoocoo of the gallos-roosters. Ha,ha. I woke up to the lovely sound of the gardeners next door with their even more charming blower and mower. I notice the thought, “GRRRRRR! Why must you do yard work on a holiday! Oh, the nerve of you guys with your racket on a day I’m home sleeping in!” Another UGHHHHH! for good measure. Then the thought comes do you really think they wanna be out there working today on a holiday? It’s not an easy job. Yup, I know. I guess it’s time to get up then. Don’t you all have these good angel/bad angel convo in your heads too?

I get up and tune in to the sounds and movements in the house. My hubby is up and he’s made some coffee. Lucy, our dog, is up making her lovely tap tap sound on the wooden floors with her claws. If not for the gardeners which put her on edge, she would be snuggled up in my bed or her own beside it.  Kids are both in bed for the time being. I hear a loud male voice, I think from one of the gardeners and a dog barking in the distance. Now, she’s at the fence barking at the gardeners, doing my dirty  work for me. Haha.

My husband and I chit chat for a minute since he’s been on a roll since 6 am, checking all of the cars, his plan is to change the oil on the three cars and make some other car repairs. He’s been to the post office to pick up the mail already and I flip through a good-sized pile. My son now gets his own pile of mail and he’s received his first jury duty summons. As my husband put it, he’s an adult now.

He’s also received a belated birthday card in a small manila envelope stamped first class mail from New Mexico. We know this comes from our own relative there, my hubby’s sweet aunt, that although has met me and my oldest when he was about 2 years old, still remembers to always send birthday cards. That’s so impressive and incredibly sweet.

After my son gets up just a short 15 minutes before he has to leave for work, Frank gives him his mail and tells him not to slack off on the jury duty and that he has a birthday card. He opens it and there’s a card with a gift card to ITunes, a typed up note, and 2 other stamped and forwarded and returned white envelopes. She’s tried to send it to our previous and current home addresses. The note was from the lady that bought our last place. Check it:

Mrs. H,
Your card to F Rodas has been all over Chula Vista, CA and ended up at my house at xxx Blank Ave. I am returning the card, gift card and envelopes from the address it was formerly sent to before reaching my house. Hoping you might have a more current address for Mr. Rodas so that he can receive his birthday card!
Take care,

How sweet is that? My hubby says, yea, there are still good people in the world. In case you were wondering why all the mail confusion, we were forced to get a p.o. box because of our sweet, old Lucy. That may be a story for another day.