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Quinoa Breakfast Bowl Recipe

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Quinoa Breakfast Bowl Recipe

karla rodas

Quinoa is rich in history and healthy nutrients. Considered the gold of the Incas back in the days, a few thousand years ago in fact, quinoa has long been considered a super food. Having roots in the Incan culture through my Ecuadorian ancestors, I have since learned that quinoa has been used in many traditional recipes. The Incan warriors ate quinoa to increase their stamina. So, why not start off the day with a healthy breakfast loaded with protein, iron, fiber, magnesium, vitamin B2? Here’s my take on a quinoa breakfast bowl. Yum!!!

<<Tip>> Make a large batch of quinoa using the basic cooking method then cool and store in the fridge. You can divide up the quinoa to use for salads, in place of rice or carb, or for breakfast for the week. Quinoa can be made savory, sweet and served warm or cold.


1 cup of Quinoa (not all quinoa is created equal, organic is easily found nowadays)

2 cups of water

a tablespoon of coconut oil

~optional~ 1 pinch of sea salt

½ to 1 cup of Almond, Coconut or other non-dairy milk

a sprinkle of Cinnamon

Pure Organic Maple syrup (sweeten to taste)


Seasonal organic berries; blueberries, strawberries, raspberries

Sliced bananas

Organic unsweetened coconut flakes

A dollop of Greek yogurt or your fave non-dairy yogurt 

Bonus Add-ins:

For a Protein boost, add your favorite protein powder (I love Garden of Life’s Raw Protein and Greens)

Flax seeds

Hemp seeds, hemp hearts

Steps for basic cooking method:

Rinse the quinoa in a fine mesh strainer

Add rinsed quinoa, water, coconut oil (pinch of salt) to a saucepan

Bring to a boil

Lower heat and cook covered for about 15 minutes

Turn off the burner

Let stand for 5 minutes covered

Stir in  ½ to 1 cup of almond milk to the cooked quinoa. Sprinkle in some cinnamon and add a touch of organic maple syrup to sweeten to your liking. Top with fruit, coconut flakes and any additional toppings. Enjoy and hope you feel as energized as an Incan warrior with this delish breakfast fuel!