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Age ain't nuthin' but a number

karla rodas

No, I'm not hood nor do I claim to be. But, I'm very much part of the hip hop generation of the nineties that bumped some Tribe called Quest, Nas and Wu-Tang Clan. Funny enough, when I did try to play the part, B-girl, thug life chick with Timbs, baggy jeans and door knocker earrings, a kid that my mom babysat when we were like 6 years old, called me out on it. Why you tryin' be hard, girl? He shouted this across the long lobby of my old building on Lamont Ave. in Elmhurst, Queens. I blushed as is my nature and stick up my middle finger and walked the other way. An untruthful version of myself, youngster me, just trying to find my place. But, hood, I was not.

Why think of this on the eve of my 41st trip around the sun, son? Haha, because reflection is fun  and natural. To reflect is to better understand. And to understand ourselves on a deeper level is our life's mission. I look back on all of my experiences, however traumatic, painful, funny and tragic with love. I learned from it all. What I've learned most is that we have to be true to who were truly are. We become more of ourselves as we grow and that doesn't mean just in years but in maturity and experience. 

Love this quote that I received from Gabby B. Perfectly timed, it all is. There's such a beauty in that. We can only take it in when we're ready and no sooner. 

Peep this peeps and see if it has some deeper meaning for you as well. 

I'm almost 41 years young and I'm better than ever. This physical vessel that I move around in everyday, grateful for it and it's lovely. I realize that the real me transcends the physical. I'm ever expansive and limitless. My time here on Earth, this time around, is meant to do good in the world. I do what I love and I'm grateful to share myself and help others on their paths.

I'm a work in progress and a piece of work. I admire, honor and love myself. I practice and teach what I know that works to keep me youthful, passionate and free. Self-care and Self-love is everything. I laugh a lot and just about anything amuses me. A curled up dog at my feet and my hands typing away bring me ecstatic pleasure and joy. My fierce and protective loyalty to my loved ones are my trademarks. I love deeply. My people are well cared for and adored. I have no time or patience for negative/toxic people or environments. My time is spent on and with people that are close to my heart. There's compassion and love in my heart for everyone but not everyone deserves a seat at my table. Experiences rather than things are more valuable to me. I move through the world with kindness and compassion. Patience has been developed and has been challenged countless times.

The things that scare the shit out of me are the ones that bring me the most pleasure. When I challenge myself to do something that scares me, I grow and excel. Life is precious and amazing. It's hard to pick my favorite day of the week because each day gets better. I'm open to what life has to offer. I put myself out there without fears or doubts. I've learned what does and doesn't serve me. I've learned to brush off stuff that doesn't matter. I'm always working on improving myself as a human being, mother, wife, daughter, friend, person. I trust in God and know that as I continue to ask, how can I serve? He creates connections, situations, coincidences to lead me to my next Divine assignment. I honor myself as a healer, teacher, intuitive, sensitive, strong woman. My greatest gifts in life have been to find my life partner in Frank, to be chosen as a mother to my boys, Frankie and Tone and to do what I love everyday. 

I am truly blessed and humbled to celebrate another year of life. I appreciate everything that I've been taught and given and strive to pay it forward through my words and actions everyday. I'm a work in progress and these are a few life lessons from a bad ass 41 year old chick.