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Yoga Practice for Low Back and Shoulders

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Yoga Practice for Low Back and Shoulders

karla rodas

This short yoga practice was designed especially for my brother who requested something to help with his tight hamstrings and low back. He works long shifts as a bartender and server so he's experiencing some wear and tear on his body.  
My husband, Frank, was nice enough to demo. Shout out to my teacher, Rachel Krentzman, for all her mentoring and teachings in the Yoga for a Happy Back training. You'll need a yoga strap or hand towel (a belt could work) and a blanket or large beach towel Yoga Practice
Lying down on the mat
Windshield Wipers
Pelvic Tilts
Bridge Pose Flow w/option to reach the arms back
Gentle Supine Twist
Table Top Pose
Cat Cows
Gentle Twist w/hand to the sacrum
Thread the Needle
Child's Pose
Modified Plank transition down to the ground
Sphinx Pose
Baby Cobra
Down Dog
Standing forward fold
Rag Doll
Half Way Lift to Fold
Mountain Pose with Extended Arms
Supported Lunge
Half Splits
Forward Fold
Mountain Pose
Cow Face Arms with Strap
Eagle Arms
Forward Fold
Down Dog
Child's Pose
Transition onto the Back
Knee to Chest
Hamstring Stretch with Strap
Final Relaxation Pose (Savasana)
If you have a little more time, extend this practice a little longer. Take at least 5 minutes in Savasana Final Relaxation Pose.